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Sectional Custom Wood Garage Door Manufacturing Program

Presently we are finishing a Sectional Garage Door Manufacturing Program. This Expert program enables novices to fill in the blanks in our form and get professional Production Millwork Cutsheets output, accurate up to  1 hundredth of an inch.  It creates Self Populating Quotes and Orders with direct database Descriptions and pricing links which include markup percentage controls.  It can Generate Client Quotes to be confirmed, then Orders, and having 4 different Mill production Cutsheets for each type of job.  Then a Hardware Pull sheet and a Shipping bill of Lading sheet for easy Order item confirmation,  for Delivery or Will Call items.  

Over 14 different kinds of wood are incorporated for manufacturing.  There is an automatic calculation for the stiles and rails required to build the door, also included are the automatic calculations for the Wood inserts depending on the type of wood, the Glass Panes, and Designer tops. All calculations are modified depending on which specific items are chosen for each described custom door. 

We create a Hardware Pull sheet  for each particular customized Sectional Rollup Door, including Low Headroom Tracks,  Struts,  a designated Hardware Box and an itemized list additional hardware necessary for each Door.  Prime painting, Glass sections, Designer Tops,  Flush panel doors,  Routed panels,  Raised Panels, Wood grain direction choices.

Special auto calculation of panel sizes for custom model  Doors, M215, m415, m625. Also the derivations of those, such as having 6 sections, 7 sections, 4 sections and etc. are listed in the database. There is also the capacity to Bill out Custom Carriage Doors and Flush Panel Doors, though these are not presently auto calculated for cutting and fabrication.

This program will also automatically calculate the amount of usage of both Plywood sheets and Solid Boards used in each different door.  The calculations for Solid wood Boards use are expressed in the most cost effective configurations, designating Specific board Quantities and specific board sizes to be cut for the insert panels on that given door .

The estimated time savings in generating accurate actionable information in printed forms is substantial as it only takes 3 to 4 minutes for an novice to generate the required documentation and calculations. This same output manually would take a professional 25 to 45 minutes to complete. Additionally there are not the opportunities to make human errors in manual calculations, because our program is a single entry system, requiring a signed acknowledgement on the quote generated and then confirmed by  the Client in writing prior to the order being processed, which also gives the Accounting department the opportunity to authorize the order for the designated client, presuming they are current in their payments, or within the credit guidelines established for that specific client.

Client Multipliers are created in a separate client database with 4 different options. So the Door or Replacement section, Track, Tubing ,Spring Hardware, Operators, and Other items can be discounted for up to 4 different discounted categories, giving each client  a specific discount rate.  All the client data is populated automatically in each form including contact person, phone number, deposit given, Company name, Address, Shipping choice, PO Number, and other information.

Both High Cycle springs and Regular springs are not calculated by this program due to the variances in wood density and moisture content which can cause a large difference in weight between two identical doors  However once the final weight of the door is established, then there are a number of spring calculation programs readily available for this calculation. So we have not reinvented the wheel  here.

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Garage Door Installation, Hardware Repairs, Operator Installation and Services.

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